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Our headquarters are based in Ningbo’s Industrial District.

Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

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13P Foam PP Expanding Folder with Labels

Efficient Classification Management

Product Features:

  • Get organized in style with our Expandable 13-Pocket Performance Poly File Folder, perfect for keeping track of your work, family or school records
  • Quickly find your business documents or easily distinguish between various school subjects by keeping them organized in 13 expanding pockets
  • Made from durable PP material, it is resistant to daily wear and tear over time and will keep your materials protected from damage
  • Keep your documentation and papers from flying out of this folder with a secure button closure
  • Whether you’re going to work or you’re in need of some added organization for your home office, this 13” by 9” by 1.4” folder is perfect for storing your letter-size documents

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Get Free Samples


Our headquarters are based in Chicago’s Financial District.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

5400 N. Lakewood Avenue


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Being organized doesn’t mean having to use boring cookie-cutter office supplies. Create a new system that keeps your life running smoothly with our Expandable 13-Pocket Performance Poly File Folder! The durable, light gray exterior evokes a sense of preparedness and professionalism. Thirteen expanding pockets allow you to organize your letter-size papers by type so you can easily locate everything from work projects to family records and school assignments. Its durability and secure button closure keeps documents safe while you’re on the move. Whether you’re a student on the way to lecture, a businesswoman commuting to work or a remote employee looking to spruce up your home office, this folder is the perfect solution.

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